San Diego Comic Con 2019

General / 07 July 2019

So excited to announce that my long time friend @jonboy007007 and I are joining forces for #sdcc We have our first booth at 5102!!! We will have print and sketchbook announcements soon. But please stop by and say hey if you get a chance.

I will have a giveaway for 3 copies of Clip Studio Paint, sponsored by #graphixly starting next week, so make sure you check back soon for details. Come on Comic-Con!!!!  

Konami's Contra Rogue Corps - E3 Preview

General / 13 June 2019

Thankfully I can finally announce that one of the projects that I've been working on was announced at E3 this week! I'm the lead colorist for the cinematics team. Huge thank you to Jason, Emilio, Ryan and the entire team for the incredible honor and hope you get to see the game this fall!




Moirai Trailer Art and Music Preview

General / 01 June 2019

Here is a preview of art and music from the upcoming trailer to my book and 5th album Titled Moirai:


Art Work In Progress

Powercon Program Cover Sketch

General / 29 May 2019

Super excited to announce that I’ve been given the huge opportunity to design the program cover for the 2019 @thepowercon !!!! Thanks so much to the team for the honor. I’ve included the sketch here in this post and a few of the previous pieces that I’ve done for #powercon as soon as it’s completed I’ll post it for sure though.  If your interested in a powercon commission, please feel to reach out through DM or email to 

2019 Comic Con Art Commissions are now open!

General / 25 April 2019

Commissions are now open! I’ll have only 8 spots this year and more after the con is over. I’m currently finishing 2 commissions (She-Ra and Superman) and start all new pew pieces next month. If your interested, please feel free to DM or email at



San Diego Comic Fest 2019

General / 08 February 2019

I will have to honor to present at the San Diego Comic Fest 2019. I will be showing how to Digitally Color Comics Using one of my upcoming Moirai Pages!

Here is a line up for Friday March 8th and Saturday March 8th:

Friday March 9th
10am - 11am "Basics of Digital Illustration" by Ryan Magnuson
11am - 12pm "Getting Started With 3D Printing" by Chris Cox
12pm -1pm "Digital Painting For Comics" by Anthony Washington
1pm - 2pm  "Comic book Layout in Adobe InDesign"  by Avery Caldwell
2pm - 3pm  "What it takes to be an Artist for Games and Movies" by Anthony Jones
3pm - 4pm "Drawing Fundamentals For The Computer" by Tom Luth
4pm - 5pm "3D integration Into Your Creative Work Flow" by Stephen Burns

Saturday, March  9th
10am - 11am "Getting Started With 3D Printing" by Chris Cox
11am - 12pm "Digital Painting For Comics" by Anthony Washington
12pm -1pm "Drawing Fundamentals For The Computer" by Tom Luth

1pm - 2pm  "Comic Book Comic Book Creation & Digital Workflow in Adobe Illustrator"  by Howard Simpson

2pm - 3pm "What it takes to be an Artist for Games and Movies"  by Anthony Jones
3pm - 4pm "Comic Book Production - The Digital Workflow" by Sean Glumace

4pm - 5pm "3D integration into your creative work flow" by Stephen Burns

The workshops are free and here is the link to get tickets:


ACLU Operation Streamline

General / 22 December 2018

Graphixly / Clip Studio Art Intreview

General / 30 October 2018

Raw Artists

General / 24 August 2018

SD Voyager Interview

General / 24 August 2018